This Trellis Store is under construction at the moment. If you are interested buying beautiful trellises for you home and garden this is the place to be in a while. Check back soon as our store selling cheap trellis options will be open in March. will provide a wide variety of the highest quality trellises online. For now the leading store online is and you can buy your trellis there for now. If you want to buy a trellis online you have found the right spot. There will be many options of trellis designs to choose from. You can buy a short trellis or a long trellis. There is really no stopping the creative mind in every garden. Some homeowners like to drape trellises all around their houses. I have seen as many as ten trellis objects lined up on one side of a house.

Some trellises are flared and some come in the shape of a square. A trellis is generally between four and six feet wide. A trellis can even be just a net. Trellises truly look amazing after a few years when plants are draped all around of it. some people use natural ivy some people like to used colorful plants on their trellis. Trellises are generally a wooden color. This is usually preferred by the garden creator but a trellis can come in many colors. Some people like their yard to be the perfect white picket fence place and they usually like their garden trellis to be painted white. Luckily this trellis store has specialty one already painted white for the customers liking. There are painted white trellises on sale in both the square and flared format. The flared white trellises come with either four or five wooden spokes. This is the optimal amount of wooden rods for the plants to grow between.

There are some really overgrown trellises in the world. This is a beautiful thing because then the trellis can be very environmentally friendly. A bare trellis is a scary site and it should not be allowed by anyone who has bought any type of garden furniture before. The point of having arbors or trellis structure in a garden is to integrate the plant life with the three dimensional objects. Arbors are very similar to trellis structures. The only difference is that they are taller and they connect at the top to form a gate or tunnel to walk underneath. The main similarity is how the flowers and ivy can grow in and out of the wood poles to create a natural feeling.

By far trellis owners favorite things about their purchase is how their garden furniture can last a lifetime. Some trellises are over fifty years old. The deeper the plants grow the less support they will need from the trellis. This means that it does not matter when the wooden trellis begins to rot out. Since most trellises are outside they get a decent amount of ware and tear in the different conditions. Being continually soaked and dried out over the years makes the trellises start to wrot and they can become flimsy afterwards. Check back here so to buy a large trellis.

Garden supplies and plants are very important materials for garden enthusiasts in order to make their gardens beautiful and remarkable. Some plants grow longitudinally and some remain stunted. Garden trellises support the plants growing longitudinally. Trellises are useful and functional garden supplies. There are many types of garden trellises in terms of materials they are produced such as metal, plastic and wood trellises. A wooden trellis is the traditional one used for many years and is the best in terms of plant health.

Wooden trellises are very practical and inexpensive materials when compared to other types of trellises. The only disadvantages of wooden trellises are that they decay quickly; however, if you make your own custom made wooden trellis, it would be cheaper and more long-lasting. The quality of the wood is the most important factor in terms of the life of the wood trellis. Cedar tree and Turkish pine are best woods for robust trellises.

How can you make your own wooden trellis?

It is not too difficult to make your own wooden trellises; even, it is enjoyable to make it. All you need is to make a good sketch and find an experienced carpenter to prepare your wooden slats. After that you will spend some time to paint a protective coating over the slats and fix the slats in according with the sketch. Let me to summarize the important steps shortly;

Preparing the sketch: This is the most important part of the work. A well-prepared sketch is the half of the work.

Dimensions: Measures need to be precise and all elements must be measured.

Wood quality: Wooden slats should be made of rain and moisture-resistant woods like cedar or Turkish pine. Paint the wooden slats with a protective coating before using them to make the trellis.

Fixing slats: You can fix the slats in accordance with the model after they are painted and completely dried.

Wooden trellis made of cedar wood is the best quality garden supplies lasting long and cheaper than metal trellises or UV stable plastic ones. They suit with nature. Trellises are functional, decorative and useful garden supplies. You can also use them instead of a fence to separate your garden adjacent to the garden. Wooden trellises look very natural and serve as supporters to grow flower and creeper vertically. They are perfect garden supplies for country style homes to achieve traditional and rustic ambiance. Other types of trellises such as iron, aluminum or plastic trellises do not provide such an ambiance.

Garden supplies stores exhibit all types of trellises to the gardeners and garden enthusiasts to select most suitable one for their purposes. There are various colors of plastic trellises but plastic deteriorates in the sun unless they are UV stable. On the other hand, UV stable plastic trellises are expensive materials. The metal ones are harmful for plants because they become too hot and burn plants. Wooden trellis is the most useful type because this one is cheaper and is not harmful to plants.

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